Video Documentary, Mercedes-Benz Motorsports History (1934-1939)

Mercedes-Benz Motorsports History (1934-1939) Documentary (English)

Benz was involved in Grand Prix motor racing from 1923, when the Benz Tropfenwagen (described as having a teardrop shape) was introduced to motorsport at the European Grand Prix at Monza. These, the brainchild of Benz chief engineer Hans Nibel, were inspired by the Rumpler Tropfenwagen and were intended to increase public acceptance of mid-engined cars. They resembled the later Auto Unions (also built in part by Rumpler engineers), and used the virtually unchanged Rumpler chassis. They were fitted with a 1,991 cc (121.5 cu in) DOHC inline six producing 80 hp (60 kW) and demonstrated “impeccable roadholding” at 90 mph (140 km/h) and above.[Source: Wikipedia]