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Mercedes-Benz Technology — Lighting Technology


The advanced illumination of a Mercedes-Benz helps you to see and be seen more effectively. Even when the sun is shining, LED daytime running lamps help make your Mercedes-Benz more visible to oncoming traffic.

Mercedes-Benz Technology — ECO Start/Stop

mercedes_benz_stemma2Mercedes-Benz ECO Start/Stop saves fuel and reduces emissions by shutting off the engine when its not needed. When you are ready to proceed and you take your foot form the break, the system restarts the engine seamlessly, instantly, and automatically.

Mercedes-Benz Technology — Head-Up Display

Mercedes_Benz_Technology_Head_Up_Display_slkreportnewsThe new Mercedes-Benz Head-Up Display helps you stay informed while keeping you focused on the road ahead. The Head-Up Display is live color image that is projected by a device on the dashboard onto a special film in the windshield glass.